Sharon Olvera Design called me looking for help, initially, to help her put together proper signage for Etsy shows she was doing to sell her artwork. After working together for a while, she revealed that she had loftier aspirations for her work, including licensing. So we began working on a plan to present her professionally to potential vendors. One thing begets another, often times, so now we are also working together in product development for some of her artwork. She is a small business owner with BIG dreams and I am so fortunate to continue working with her towards achieving those goals. Some of work completed for her is shown below.  

Photo: Top image: design for front of her current business cards. Second image from top left: banner for Facebook business page. Second image from top right and third down left: Pinterest black and white backgrounds. Third row, second from left: extra-large poster design for display use at fairs. Third row right: postcard graphic for Etsy show. Bottom row: first from left Instagram graphic. Third image in third row discount cards given out at Etsy show.